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Relevant Global Biochar News and Reports

Explore recent news from the biochar community including legislative updates and testing results.

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December 2022

Roskilde University, Denmark
Biochar Report

"Production and use of biochar is drawing increasing attention from a broad spectrum of stakeholders within politics, green NGOs, metal industry, agriculture, soil physics, geo engineering, development of construction and filter materials, waste management, compensation brokers and many, many more."

Thomsen, T. (2022). Introduction to Production and Use of Biochar 2022: - working towards a more circular and bio-based Danish economy.

August 2022

North American Biochar and Bioenergy Conference

Read through a recent presentation about the newly developing carbon credit market. We believe the carbon credit market is an essential tool for companies looking to achieve a sustainable future.

Topics mentioned include: LCA, EBC,, Verra and Carbonfuture, CORCs, Biomass emissions, CDR


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January 2022 (Version Update)

Washington State University: Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources

Forty biochar producers, practitioners, scientists, and engineers held a virtual workshop in April 2020 to chart a roadmap for future development of the biochar industry in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Amonette, J.E., J.G. Archuleta, M.R. Fuchs, K.M. Hills, G.G. Yorgey, G. Flora, J. Hunt, H.-S. Han, B.T. Jobson, T.R. Miles, D.S. Page-Dumroese, S. Thompson, K.M. Trippe, K. Wilson, R. Baltar, K. Carloni, C. Christoforou, D.P. Collins, J. Dooley, D. Drinkard, M. Garcia-Pérez, G. Glass, K. Hoffman-Krull, M. Kauffman, D.A. Laird, W. Lei, J. Miedema, J. O’Donnell, A. Kiser, B. Pecha, C. Rodriguez-Franco, G.E. Scheve, C. Sprenger, B. Springsteen, and E. Wheeler. 2021. Biomass to Biochar: Maximizing the Carbon Value. Report by Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, Washington State University, Pullman WA.


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Carbon Dioxide Removal Policy Report: Biochar Focus

An annotated bibliography of legal materials related to carbon dioxide removal and carbon sequestration and use. (Columbia Law School)  

Our production capabilities lower our costs significantly compared to our competitors, which allows us to competitively price our biochar against the commonly used fertilizers.

*Our pricing is not included in this report

January 2011

Arboriculture & Urban Forestry

"...Improvement of conversion rates and value-added product development would require fundamental changes in equipment, training, and processes used by tree service and land clearing companies." -  Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 37(1): January 2011


Read this report to find out more about the way wood has been processed in the past, and why pyrolysis is a more effective solution.


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