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Our Pyrolysis Technology Produces Three Main Outputs

As we process wood, our machine produces three distinct byproducts: Biochar, Bio-oil and RNG.

The volumes of each of the three products can be altered through the adjustment of operating parameters on M.B.'s technology. The reactor technology offsets the need for external heat sources as it creates its own heating energy (syngas and oil) during normal operating conditions.


A solid biocarbon product, biochar is well known for avoiding carbon emissions as well as capturing carbon and storing for hundreds of years. Accepted as a high-quality natural fertilizer as well as a soil enhancement and alternate healthy feed for livestock. Biochar is being used to decarbonize waste from large industries including steel and cement.

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Renewable Diesel and liquid fertilizer: Varying real time operational parameters we can produce liquid renewable diesel and highly enriched wood vinegar.

Bio oil.jfif


Our reactor technology converts wood chips into high-calorific value and hydrogen-rich syngas. The syngas (essentially bio-methane CH4) can be applied in a variety of ways; offsetting natural gas consumption for industrial processes, power generation, transportation fuel, as well as green hydrogen generation.

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